About Us

Prime Margo machines is the India’s leading company into manufacturing high performance machines for the application in the plastic industries such as PVC Twin Screw Extruder, PVC Pipe Extrusion Machinery and PVC Compounding Mixer. It is the Joint venture Firm of Primetech industries as well as Margo Industries. We have well-reputation and distinctly high status in the market. This is because we win the trust of our clients by offering quality machines that are offer reliable output. We offer best soPlution for the application requirement of the clients thoroughly comprehending the same.

Our machines are known for their user-friendliness, functionality and performance features, easy installation and maintenance aspects apart from their genuine quality and price. We maintain international quality standards for manufacturing and testing our products. We believe in building a very enduring relationship with our clients for which we ascertain that our products deliver optimal performance at our customer’s end. For this our entire team for all the departments of the company works dedicatedly, meticulously and in synchronistical way. We adopt the new innovations and techniques of the industry and incorporate them in our designs and production.

For years, we have a reign over the market of plastic industry machinery. Because of our candid business practices, broad distribution system and authentic customer satisfaction strategies we could achieve this feat for years and still continue to do the same.

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